How to transfer Blackberry contact to Google contact

i will teach you how to transferring contacts from blackberry to android phone or tablet.

there are various ways to do that

  1. Connect via Bluetooth
  2. Using import contact in Google Contacts

now, the simplest one is connecting both device using Bluetooth. I use blackberry curve 8250 as my current smart phone, and im about to send it to my Google Nexus 7 because i need those emails contacts.

the steps are:

  1. Pair both device with Bluetooth
  2. Then from Blackberry, click option and click transfer contacts

somehow this method isnt working for me (some people claim it to be working thought). so that i try using another method, using an import contacts function in google contact.

for this method you need to install “Databackup” in your blackberry.

the steps are:

  1. Open the Databackup app
  2. Create New Backup (choose contacts only)
  3. Once your contact is backedup, connect your blackberry to desktop/laptop
  4. You can find huge numerous amount of contacts (vcard) inside backup folder
  5. Copy all those contacts to your computer, and open command prompt
  6. Press windows icon + R then write cmd
  7. Ablack command prompt will apear
  8. Go to your folder for me its cd /contacts
  9. Then write copy   /B   *.vcf   all_in_one.vcf
  10. A file named all_in_one.vcf will be appear in that folder
  11. Now go to google contacts and import that all_in_one.vcf
  12. Voala.. every contact is now copied

now the explanation

the google contact cant import multiple vcf contact at the same time. so that i tried to concatenate every contact into one single file. we using command prompt to concatenate those contacts.

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  1. ewinarmo says:

    Bisa kan tet…hehehe more blackberry?

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